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I am obsessed with results and a focus on the metrics that really matter. Success generating ROI for clients drives all of us in the world of CRM. From Leads to Loyalty, I develop and deploy data-driven strategies that engages and compels customers to take action. 

Part of what makes the approach unique is the dedication to the idea of user engineering. Put simply, view each and every project or communication as a response machine, fueled by data and scientifically engineered to drive ROI for the client. The insights, strategy, copy, tone, offer, design and UX/UI all work together—composed with the idea of evoking a feeling and generating a response.

So whether it’s an email, video, social post, banner, microsite or any other platform, the goal is to engineer the communication to compel user action—a call, click, tap or view—and move that user further along the customer pathway, from leads to loyalty. It’s the obsession by generating results and continual optimization that drives this approach - not just to create great work, but to engineer great work that works.