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How Ancient Chinese Culture is Driving Digital Marketing's Future

Lessons learned from Volkswagen’s Successful Social Strategy in China

China’s interesting not only because of the superlatives—biggest auto market, the most digital, the most mobile—but because it’s a case study in what happens when you don’t follow the Western dealership model. A consumer’s entire relationship with an automotive brand in China—besides test drive and pickup—could take place online. This allows marketers a level of engagement and analytics never seen in the West.

Volkswagen’s recent digital marketing experience in China is an example not only of an automaker successfully connecting with consumers online to build brand reputation, but of a Western automaker’s adaption to a foreign market. 

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Fun and Games With CRM: A Race to The Finish Line

Finding New Leads Just Got A Lot More Fun

How to Collect More Than 300 Qualified Leads Through Branded Mobile Games - 2015.01.23

Recently, our client Volkswagen Group China released information about the success we’ve had linking an online racing game called Sports Car Challenge to their CRM system.

We learned that with a CRM link, you don’t just collect leads, you can qualify those leads.

The process isn’t intrusive. The CRM link built by HackerAgency lets VGC proactively respond to genuine interest from consumers for their premium brand cars. When a user drives a car he likes, he can contact Volkswagen and provide his email address and basic information. The app then sends Volkswagen’s CRM team a notice so they can contact the prospect and qualify him. 

So far, more than 9,000 potential customers have engaged with the brand through the gaming app, and marketers have qualified 339 leads in China.

Markus Nels, head of sports cars, motorsport and car culture at VGC, says that this is just the beginning of a “data-led ROI capability for Volkswagen Group China where we can follow the entire sales journey from initial app download to final purchase, and that is very exciting.”

We’ve known for a while that game apps are great for branding. The bigger news is that connected game apps are great for selling.

In the long term, CRM-connected games like this one open the possibility of finding new leads without marketing campaigns – or at least as many campaigns. You’ll be able to find prospects who have already engaged with your brand and have a positive emotional connection with it.