Customer Insights

Companies request better insights into user behavior. Insights are helping to create better products and services, more effective marketing, and even more innovative business models.
But there are challenges. Everything must be examined from a customer-centric point of view. We need data that will help us understand our customers better. We need to think like our customers.
Consumers are becoming more reluctant to provide information to marketers. Europe is ahead of the curve in this regard. They fear their data will be misused. Globally, businesses need to be aware of cultural, geographical or political differences that may exist. It’s even more complicated in China. The vast majority of data is generated via mobile devices. This ‘mobile data’ is differently structured and contains a lot more personal information than data generated via PCs. This higher quality data allows the creation of apps with greater added value. On the other hand, the protection of this data is a particularly big challenge.

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