How data-driven is your agency?

How data-driven is your agency?

Direct marketers can say they’ve been using data to determine marketing strategy ever since the invention of mail order. Digital marketers will tell you they use more data than anyone else in the solar system.
However, life and technology are moving faster than ever. We need more than even big data can provide.
Typical market segmentation and targeting are no longer adequate for the dynamic task of keeping up with our customers.

It takes a new kind of data approach to turn real life into real profit for clients. You can track customers’ social, mobile, and web behavior, but this delivers an incomplete picture. Marketers need to capitalize on how individuals interact with others and things offline to maximize ROI for clients.

Those complex interconnections are more critical and more measurable today than ever before. A new approach is so-called Intelligent Profiles that builds on social, self-reported, and observed behaviors. This approach can be blended with classical CRM information to reveal how individuals act and connect.

If the picture isn’t quite complete, enriching it by using the behavioral DNA of others with similar profiles to create a more comprehensive profile. With a dynamic dataflow, relevant data-driven communication will mark at vital moments in the sales journey. By using Intelligent Profiles, companies can significantly increase buying likelihood, improve loyalty, and reduce churn.

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