Investor Relations Strategy

Investor Relations Strategy

Positioning Strategy – We support our clients to determine the value proposition and position the company to reflect accomplishments while highlighting the immense opportunity and upside potential. We design best-of-breed strategies build on a granular and watertight revenue and operating model. We trace similar companies’ past investments and investor patterns, analyse their results, benchmark valuations, and blend with news flow.

Convincing Narrative – We formulate a strong narrative for investors that supports the way of value creation. With this story telling and our research capabilities. We create compelling PR, investor decks, and information memorandums.

Engaging Communication – With an engaging communications strategy and a detailed roadmap with milestones, identify relevant contacts, and execute impactful communications.

Sustainable Investor Relationships – We introduce and  facilitate meetings with investors and strategic investors; solicit and gauge feedback; create a strategy for visibility and outreach. We assist in obtaining invitations to present at roadshows, congresses, conferences, and events. We handle invitation management and create in-depth investor profiles with detailed information.

Investment Marketing Strategy – The Marketing Strategy is an essential part of the investment concept: the designing and structuring phase of an investment. Marketing happens in three strategic phases: 1. Investment/Fund Design, 2. Fundraising, and 3. Investing/Fundraising.

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